Here at Jenoli, we are leading boiler experts. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the advantages of installing your boiler in the kitchen.

What are the advantages of installing your boiler in the kitchen?

If you are installing a new combination boiler, you may be able to safely and effectively have this installed in the kitchen, even inside a kitchen cupboard. But what are the advantages and benefits of this? Well, there are several including:

  • Easy to access- a boiler positioned in the kitchen is much easier to get to and access on a regular basis than one in the attic or garage. This means that regular checks on your boiler, and simple maintenance tasks, will be much easier for you to carry out, which can have a positive impact on the effectiveness of your boiler and its longevity.
  • Clean and away from dirt- if your boiler is installed inside a kitchen cabinet this will remain cleaner and experience less dirt and debris build up over time. This can help keep your boiler in good condition and prevent issues associated with dust in the system from occurring as frequently.
  • Suitable servicing space- your boiler should undergo an annual service during which it will be tested and examined to ensure that there are a no faults or problems. Any potential issues will be identified and recorded, and you will need to make the suggested repairs. Positioning your boiler in the kitchen makes it easier for these tests to be completed and can help keep your boiler in good working order.

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