Here at Jenoli, we are heating and plumbing specialists, and we work across the region to deliver top quality boiler installations, boiler repairs and boiler services. For many people, it is essential that your boiler stays up and running, and a full breakdown can be a real nightmare. But we know what keeps your boiler ticking over. And as a result, we have produced this advice for boiler maintenance.

Keep your boiler dust free

You would be amazed at the damage stray dust, or a dust build up can do. And as many homes have their boiler in the attic, basement or garage, they are at risk of the dreaded dust. Dust itself can interfere with the fans and filters in your boiler, and this can have a negative impact on your boilers performance and how effectively or efficiently it can run. As a result, dust, and a build up of dust can actually lead to a boiler breakdown. So wherever you keep your boiler, make sure it is dust free.

The water level

Your boilers water level is probably not something you often think about, but you should make it part of your boiler maintenance routine. The water level needs to remain at the level stated in your boilers user manual, and if this is not available, the level a professional indicates. This is because a water level that has dropped could indicate a leak somewhere in your central heating system, which could cause a lot of damage. It can also be a real safety risk. As a result, if your boilers water level is low, get it checked out by a professional boiler expert.

The pressure

On the front of your boiler there is probably a pressure gauge. This gauge should remain at around 1 bar, where it would have been set by a qualified gas engineer upon installation. If your pressure has dropped, again, their could be a leak somewhere in your central heating system. Whether it’s a leaking tap, or a radiator, water damage can be a nightmare.  As a result, a drop in pressure is usually a good indicator that you should contact a professional and certified gas engineer.

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