Here at Jenoli, we are leading boiler experts. And this is our guide to everything you should know about radiator power flushing, and the energy efficient benefits of this.

How can power flushing radiators save on energy bills?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to choosing to power flush your radiators. These include a warmer home, but the biggest advantage is the savings you could see in your monthly energy bills. A professional power flush can help to reduce energy bills by:

  • Reducing wasted energy- older radiators can become blocked with sludge which prevents the flow of steam and hot water around the radiator, leaving your radiators cold. This wastes a lot of the heat energy, which becomes stuck in one place. By opting for a professional power flush, this sludge will be removed and the whole of the radiator will be able to be heated again. This means that you can stop paying for wasted energy in your monthly bills.
  • Increased home warmth- because older radiators become blocked and unable to be heated properly, you will notice a chill in your room, and this can lead to turning up the thermostat. However,this is not efficient for your home or your energy bills. Once a professional power flush has been implemented, the radiators will once again work as they should, heating your home and dramatically increasing the warmth, without using as much energy. This can help to reduce monthly bills.
  • Increased energy efficiency in the home- once your radiators have been power flushed the system will be up to 40% more efficient! This means that your central heating system may be working as efficiently as a brand new installation, without losing heat or energy, and keeping your monthly bills low.

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