When designing your new bathroom, one of the first things you will probably consider is the style of the shower, and the shower enclosure. From quadrant enclosures to walk in showers, there are a number of different options available. But one of your top priorities should be to decide on the right type of shower system. Electric showers are the most popular type of shower across the UK, and these will need to be installed by a professional team, like us here at Lancashire Installations. And as Greater Manchester’s leading plumbing, bathroom and heating specialists, we have produced this guide to exactly why you should opt for an electric shower.

What is an electric shower?

An electric shower is a type of shower that heats the water electronically. The shower is connected to the mains water supply, using cold water, and passing this over a heating element, a bit like a kettle. So what are the advantages of this type of shower?

Why should you choose a new electric shower?

There are several reasons to choose an electric shower, including:

  • Can be used with small boilers and combi boilers- because an electric shower heats the water itself, small boilers will not have to supply the heated water, and this can be very beneficial.
  • Easier than plumbing- for a new bathroom, fitting an electric shower is often easier than connecting your shower to your hot water supply.
  • Instant hot water- an electric shower provides instant hot water,so you don’t have to wait around getting cold.

Electric shower installation

To install your electric shower, you should hire a professional team, to make sure that your shower is fully connected to the cold water supply, and is in safe and working order before you use it.

For more information or for professional installation of your new shower, get in touch with the experts today, here at Paul Robinson Heating and Plumbing Services.