Your boiler is something you rely on, day in day out. Even in the summer. And this means that if your boiler has any issues, it can be incredibly inconvenient. Boiler maintenance is an easy way to keep your boiler ticking over, even during the summer months when it will be used less frequently. And one key part of the maintenance you should be following is checking on your boiler pressure. As this can be a key indicator of your boilers health. And here at Jenoli, we know how important your boiler is. As a result, we have produced this guide to common boiler pressure problems.

So why is the boiler pressure key to the boiler’s health?

Well, the boiler pressure indicators how efficiently your boiler is performing. A boiler with pressure that has dropped, could be losing water from the central heating system. At the same time, a boiler with pressure that is increasing will also have a performance issue that could be costing you money on wasted fuel. Either of these problems could result in a full boiler breakdown. As a result, you should always keep an eye on your boiler’s pressure gauge. This is usually found on the front of the boiler, and it should be set to 1 bar, where it will have been set during installation.

Boiler pressure changes

If you do check your boiler and notice your pressure gauge has fallen, you can try and reset the boiler pressure yourself. Start off by following the instructions in the manual or handbook that came with the boiler. However, if you do not have the handbook, you can try these following steps:

  • Switch off your boiler and allow the system to cool down
  • Search for the filling loop hose. Make sure that both ends of this hose are fully attached to the valves. Open these valves very carefully with the handle, or a screwdriver, and allow cold water from the mains to enter the system. You will be able to hear the water flowing in.
  • Watch the pressure gauge as the water enters the system and once it hits 1 bar, close each of the valves in turn.
  • The pressure should stay at this level. But if it drops, even after a few hours, you need to contact the professionals.

For more information or advice, contact the registered gas safe professionals at Jenoli.