Here at Paul Robinson Heating and Plumbing Services, we are leading heating experts. As a result, we are often asked about where to install a new boiler, with the garage being a popular choice. But what are the important considerations for positioning a boiler in the garage? Well, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about garage boilers.

What are the important considerations for positioning a boiler in the garage?

There are a number of considerations to take into account when thinking about installing your new boiler in the garage. These include:

  • Frost stat- a boiler in the garage should be fitted with a frost stat. This is a specific stat that will measure the temperatures, and protect the boiler in frosty conditions. In a garage, the boiler is more likely to need this setting, and turn it on more frequently. This will over-ride other boiler functions, like timers, to keep it safe. As a result, on some mornings you may wake up to a chilly home.
  • Frost protection- you will also need to consider the frost protection for the pipes, particularly the condensate pipe, as if this becomes blocked the whole boiler will stop working. Simple insulation or lagging should be enough in most garages to provide this level of protection.
  • Boiler controls- for boilers positioned in the garage, you will need to make sure the boiler controls are placed in the home. After all, in bad weather you don’t want to have to go outside to the garage just to control the heating!
  • Out of sight- boilers can be quite distracting in the kitchen, and in the bedroom or bathroom they can make noise which may disturb sleep. Installing the boiler in the garage can be a good solution. However, you will need to remember to check on this from time to time as part of regular boiler maintenance.

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