During the summer months, your central heating is less likely to be used as frequently, while you might use just as much hot water, if not more. This change in use for your boiler can lead to issues developing in the winter months, when you really rely on your central heating system. But just a little but of maintenance over the summer months can be enough to keep your boiler running effectively and efficiently all year round. Here at Paul Robinson Heating and Plumbing, we are leading heating and boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to looking after your boiler this summer.

Looking after your boiler this summer

So, how can you take care of your boiler over the summer months? Well, there are a couple of things you can do. These include:

  • Taking shorter or colder showers- one in five people will take more than one shower a day over the summer months, compared to just one in ten in the winter. This additional hot water usage can cause a strain on your boiler, so keep your hot showers shorter, or opt for a colder temperature.
  • Turn on the central heating- it might be plenty warm enough without the heating on, but turning your heating on every week just for ten or twenty minutes can keep your central heating system in good working order, so you don’t face any surprises in the autumn or winter.
  • Professional servicing- Boiler servicing is necessary every year. And summer is the perfect time to schedule this as many heating engineers have more free time in preparation for the winter rush. This means you’ll find it easier to book an appointment without needing time off work, and you know your boiler will be prepared for the winter months.

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