Here at Jenoli, we are leading boiler and heating experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about most common mistakes made when choosing and installing a new boiler.

What are the most common new boiler mistakes?

When choosing a new boiler, or installing a new boiler, there are a number of mistakes that you will need to avoid. These mistakes include:

  • Choosing the wrong size boiler
  • Choosing the wrong type of boiler
  • Boiler installation location

Choosing the wrong size boiler

A new boiler is a big investment so it’s essential that you choose the right size boiler for your property. A boiler that is too small will not be able to heat your home effectively, while a boiler that is too large may use more fuel than is necessary, increasing your energy bills and consumption.

Choosing the wrong type of boiler

There are three different types of boiler, including:

  • The combination boiler- this is a boiler that heats the water directly from the mains with no storage tank, combining two jobs in one.
  • The conventional boiler- this is a boiler that relies on a water storage tank and a hot water cylinder.
  • The system boiler- this is a boiler that has no storage tank but it does use a hot water cylinder

Choosing the right type of boiler for your property is essential, as different boilers will require different amounts of pipework and different types of installation. If you are replacing an existing boiler it can be a good idea to simply swap, like for like.

Boiler installation location

The location of your boiler installation is an important consideration. This needs to be installed on a load bearing wall, in a practical place. Different boilers will need different installation requirements, with a combi boiler suitable for installation almost anywhere in your home.

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