Here at Jenoli, we know how easy it is to take hot water for granted. In fact, on average, we use direct hot water more than 20 times a day! So when your water is suddenly cold, it can be a real nightmare. After all, nobody likes a cold shower. So what should you do if you have no hot water? Well, there are a range of steps you can take to identify and solve the issue.

  1. Check all of the taps in your house. If your shower is not heating up, it could be a shower issue, and not one that is caused by the boiler. If all of your taps are cold, it’s time to look at the boiler
  2. Make sure your boiler is fully connected and switched on. If you have had a power cut recently, your boiler may have been switched off, and may not have turned back on.
  3. Make sure your boiler thermostat is set to the correct temperature. If your thermostat is set to a temperature that is too low, your hot water will feel luke warm.
  4. Make sure your timer settings haven’t changed. Again, during a power cut, the boiler settings can be completely altered and reset. If your timer settings have changed, the boiler may only provide hot water during the designated time period. If this is the case, you can try and reset your boiler settings so that you can enjoy hot water on demand once again.
  5. Make sure the pressure gauge is set to 1 bar, where it should have been set to during installation. If the pressure has dropped, you likely will not get enough water pressure to have hot water. As a result, you should try and re-pressurise the boiler following the steps in the instruction manual. Or you can contact a professional.
  6. If none of the above steps are applicable, take a look at any other gas appliances you might have, including gas fires and gas hobs. If these are not working either, you probably don’t have a gas supply coming in. Contact your supplier to find out why.
  7. Finally, you can use the switch on the front of the boiler to try and reset your boiler.

If none of these steps work, or they are not applicable to your situation, don’t hesitate to contact a professional gas team, like us here at Jenoli.