Whenever something goes wrong with the central heating system, its often the boiler that takes all the blame. But actually a broken or faulty thermostat can cause a range of problems throughout your home, and play havoc with your heating and hot water. So what are the most common Problems caused by faulty thermostats? And how can you resolve these? Well, here at Paul Robinson Heating and Plumbing Services, we are leading heating experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about faulty thermostats and associated problems and issues.

What are the most common problems caused by faulty thermostats?

There are several different problems that are directly caused by a faulty thermostat. These include:

  • An overheating room- if you have your heating set to 17 degrees, and yet the boiler is running at full temperature. our room will quickly overheat. This happens when your boiler’s thermostat can’t communicate with the boiler to cut off the heat, or when the thermostat cannot read the temperature correctly. As a result, the room just gets hotter and hotter.
  • Too hot water- water that is too hot to shower with is often caused by a fault with the water temperature thermostat and leaves with the option of a cold shower or no shower, or running a bath and leaving it to cool to a sensible temperature.
  • Kettling- kettling is the name given to the high pitched whistle or rumbling noise the boiler may make. This is caused by limescale build up, but a broken thermostat that is overheating the water can cause more of this, as the water will boil, leaving more calcium carbonate (limscale) behind.

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