A new survey by Bosch Group has revealed some very worrying statistics regarding homeowners and their heating habits.

The study was carried out for Gas Safety Week which revealed that 42% of Brits would not ask a heating or plumbing engineer to show their card before they carried out work on their home. More than one in three were unaware that they should even ask to check to see one before letting them start work in their property.

Some of the reasons among why they were not checking was because they were recommended the installers by a friend and they had been too embarrassed to ask or felt they looked genuine enough not to ask.

Even those who have asked in the past, they admit that there have been times when they felt they could let their guard down. It has also been revealed that over a quarter of people didn’t ask because they had been in a rush or it was an emergency, for example, if they were struggling to find heating in the first place.

The Director of Marketing and Technical Support at Worcester – Martyn Bridges said: “There is clearly a worrying indifference among homeowners when it comes to verifying the credentials of anyone who comes to work on their gas appliances. Initiatives such as Gas Safety Week were an important tool in educating homeowners and protecting the exemplary safety record of heating engineers in this country”.

Even so, it is also alarming that one in ten people admitted to never having their boiler serviced while another 46% revealed to have skipped their annual boiler service which raises further questions about boiler servicing.

It is of utmost importance to get your boiler serviced regularly so you can check to see if any problems have occurred and have them repaired straight away.