It always best to be prepared when it comes to your heating and plumbing system, especially now that the cold weather is starting to set in and temperatures are dropping below freezing. Here at Paul Robinson, we’ve created a list of tips for you to follow in case you experience a Winter plumbing emergency!

Taps and Faucets

  • Leave your bathroom and kitchen doors open so that the heat flowing around the house will access them more easily.
  • If the temperature drops below freezing, run a little bit of water from your taps everyday to prevent it from turning to ice.
  • Be sure to have the heating on in every room of your house, this will allow it to circulate freely and will prevent the pipes from freezing.

Cracked/Burst Pipe

  • Turn the water off at the main shut off valve, or stop cock; this will prevent any problems from occurring if the ice melts.
  • To help relieve pressure, keep the taps and any outlets open.
  • By using a hairdryer, you can thaw any frozen pipework out, don’t use any instruments that cause open flames as this can lead to cracking in the pipework, simple and easy!

If you’re heating is making more noise than usual, especially clunky and banging sounds then it’s best to call a certified plumber to come and identify the problem and fix it before it gets any worse. Make sure you detect any of these problems early and prevent them as not doing can lead to very expensive repair work being done in the middle of Winter when you need your heating and plumbing the most.

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to call us as we will be happy to answer any of your questions!