Here at Paul Robinson Heating and Plumbing Services, we are Stockport’s leading boiler and gas experts. So we work with homeowners across the region to repair, maintain and install boilers and central heating systems. When your heating isnt working as expected, it can be extremely inconvenient. And one of the issues we often encounter, involves different thermostats not being set to help each other maintain a good temperature. So what temperature should the thermostat be set to? And how do different thermostats work together? Well, this is our guide to condensing boilers and thermostat settings. Buy Cialis online

Condensing boilers and thermostat settings

There are a range of factors that can influence your thermostat settings, and different situations will require different settings. The most influential factors can include:

  • your boiler size- a boiler well suited to the size of your home should not need to be set to a high temperature
  • the number of radiators
  • the condition of your central heating system
  • thermostat options available

Because of the condensing technology inside condensing boilers, it is really important that the boiler thermostat remains at a level that allows the water to return back to the boiler at a cool temperature. This allows the boiler to reheat the water and work much more efficiently. Adjusting the boiler thermostat can cause problems for the condensing technology, and lead to more boiler issues. Valium for sale

Radiators are key

Radiators are key to heating conundrums. If your radiators don’t feel warm, or your home isn’t getting to the desired temperature, take a look at the radiators.

First of all, consider the amount of radiators, to the size of your boiler. The general size guidelines are:

  • 24-27kw: 10 radiators
  • 28-34kw: 15 radiators
  • 35-42kw- 20+ radiators

If you have an equal number of radiators to match your boiler size, you shouldn’t need to turn the boiler thermostat up at all. As long as your central heating system is healthy, the boiler thermostat should always remain where it was set during installation.

If your radiators aren’t getting warm, you can adjust the radiator thermostat for each room. If this makes no difference, you could have a limescale build up in your radiator, or your radiators could need bleeding. For this you will need to get in touch with a professional.

The room thermostat

The thermostat that sets the temperature of the room, is the thermostat you should adjust to suit your needs. This will communicate with the boiler, to warm up your home, while the radiator thermostats will control the heat from each radiator. These three thermostats will all work together to achieve the best possible temperature for your home. Without costing you a fortune.

Contact the professionals at Jenoli today, for all your boiler needs, or for more advice about your boiler thermostat temperature.