Here at Jenoli, we are leading heating and boiler experts.This is our guide to the advantages of choosing and installing a new boiler in the summer months.

What are the advantages of installing a new boiler in the summer?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to installing a new boiler in the summer months. These benefits include:

  • Lower demand for heating engineers- for the installation of your new boiler you will need a qualified, professional gas engineer. This is to ensure that your boiler is safe and fit for purpose, preventing gas leaks and other common boiler issues. In the summer months you can be sure that the demand for boiler and central heating professionals will be lower, so you can have your boiler installed quickly and efficiently.
  • Time to identify issues- new boilers can need adjusting to your habits and requirements, and they can also experience issues with connectivity. Installing your new boiler in the summer months leaves plenty of time for any issues to be identified and resolved before the boiler will be in full use in the autumn and winter months.
  • Time to choose- thinking about your boiler replacement in the summer months provides plenty of time for selecting the right boiler for your budget and requirements. At other times of the year, you may not have the luxury of time, as a new boiler will be required as soon as possible.
  • Lower boiler use- in the summer months you don’t tend to rely on your boiler as much as you may in the autumn or winter. This means that having your old boiler disconnected and removed is much less of a hassle, and will cause fewer problems.

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