Water companies all over the UK are urging both homeowners and plumbers to check the water laws before guaranteeing any plumbing work. Before there can be any work done, either on new or existing plumbing systems, as well as water installation, the local water supplier must be notified and approved before it can begin.

This is to ensure that the work that it undertaken meets the regulations put in place by the water supplier which are designed to keep the drinking water safe and healthy to use.

These regulations apply to both domestic and commercial plumbing from new houses to business premises.

The managing director of the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme stated that, “the UK enjoys high-quality, safe drinking water and we want it to stay that way.” She later goes on to say that, “unfortunately, very few people are aware of their own legal responsibilities to ensure certain types of plumbing work comply with these regulations.”

You can get permission as it’s quick and free and it saves you a lot of trouble when it comes to actually getting the work done. Not notifying your local water supplier could result in additional costs and essentially contaminate water and supplies.

All your water supplier will need to see is the type of plumbing work that will be undertaken and the contract details of the people who are doing it, like us here at Paul Robinson.

This doesn’t apply to all approved plumbers as they can carry out some types of work including installing and fitting pipes that supply drinking water without having to notify your local water supplier.

Make sure to do this to avoid any legalities in the future and save yourself any additional costs you may be charged if you don’t follow the regulations.