The Winter months are fast approaching and if you don’t take precautions quickly, you could end up with significant repair bills and cold fingers! If you want to avoid any plumbing problems that may occur over Winter, then follow these handy tips below.

Insulate your Pipes
Even though it may be warm on the inside, your plumbing pipes are outside and if temperatures drop below a certain level, they will be at risk of freezing. Make sure to wrap your pipes in insulation and by spraying your exterior wall cavities with foam will ensure that your pipes stay regulated and won’t freeze!

Maintain Temperatures Inside
To save yourself money, keep your thermostat on a constant temperature all the time or even set it to come on before you wake up or before you come home from work. This will help to keep your bills steady and not pay for any unexpected expenses any time soon. If you let the temperature get too low, it could cause problems in your plumbing like cracks and leaks.

Clean your Septic System
Ensure that your drains are not blocked and are clear at all times. Try and keep the space above your sewage tank clean and clear as this can cause later problems. Make sure you’re also diverting any water away from your home as you don’t want it to become contaminated.

Use Humidity Controls
Most air conditioners and furnaces nowadays tend to include humidity control options as the amount of moisture in the air has a considerable impact on how warm or cold you feel. If there’s already a high amount of water in the air, then the humidity allows you to stay warm and your home as well without having to change the thermostat temperature. Humidity can cause mold and mildew so be careful and keep an eye on the settings.

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